Marketing and sales strategies that bring results
Focus on profit
Using unique approach
Always more for our clients
Provide comprehensive solutions and support
Specialized company in agribusiness consulting, marketing and intermediary

Crystal International trading Company gives you an outstanding opportunity for your long-term anchorage in   new markets by offering full suite of services on the basis of trust aimed towards mutual benefit

With 25 years business experience and expertise, based on marketing research and markets development, we develop distribution network for producers of agricultural products and agro inputs. 

With professional consultancy and representation services we establish and expand exports in Balkan countries and select the most reliable and effective distributor for sales  of  products.

The company offer range of services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients in line of regulations and low in each country in the region. 

Crystal International Trading Company offer to the producers,  facilities and support to enable them to promote their products and services in Balkan region and achieve success in the markets.  

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